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Uplevel Your Work

Difficulties with your boss?

He’s not giving you the raise. She’s not listening to you. You can’t seem to get ahead. And, you aren’t offering up your best work because of your boss.

At least, that’s what you think.

Find out how to start changing the relationship with your boss today. Not for your boss. For you to start offering up your best work.

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Praise from the Clients

I came to Rebecca in a career and life crisis. She helped me navigate my career, financials, and life choices by providing guidance, guides and frameworks. Our professional and candid discussions helped me map out my goals and work the steps toward achievement. Before coaching, I struggled with finding my voice and my value. I highly recommend Move Your Desk and Rebecca Clark’s coaching program.

D. Wood, Program Manager

As a storyteller, Rebecca Clark is gifted. As a coach, she is wise, sharing lessons formed in the crucible of a complex and challenging career. Shows of this variety tend to offer seen-it-a-thousand-times platitudes. Rebecca’s insight comes from the lived-in place of experience. Subscribe. Listen. Become attuned to her voice, it’s one you can trust.

A. Rotolo, Creative Director and podcaster

 Have you ever heard of life coaching? Would you like to have your own personal coaching session? Or maybe you’re a little shy and would rather a group coaching session? Rebecca Clark who is a phenomenal Coach. I’ve had one of her sessions and if you’d like someone to hash out ideas with or just someone to help give a little clarity on things, you will not be disappointed.

C. Williams, CEO of 40 Day Media

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