Moving Offices – musical chairs

We are now relocating to another building. I think our organization just likes to play musical chairs with our desks once in a while to shake things up and it gives leadership something to look forward to, primarily because they use the opportunity to order new furniture. For knowledge workers, it doesn’t actually matter where we sit, as long as we have an Internet connection and we get to work with the people that have the right talent.

But, I digress into the obvious.

Less obvious is how much moving contributes to real non-productivity. For some workers, this turns into a week long event of packing up belongings, de-junking their office and fretting about the known and unknown limitations of the new work area. For me, it is just one hour on one afternoon devoted to packing my box and using cleaning wipes to make my desk, cabinets and anything else in my office look clean for the next inhabitant.

Either way, there is something about a move that forces you to re-think where you are at, where you are going and what junk to take with you on the journey.

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