Doing your time to progress through the company

Since my performance review is coming up I was thinking back on last year when my boss sat me down and said that I performed very well and that I would qualify for a mid-level bonus. That was pretty good considering I had been there for only 6 months. However, it is lower than I would have received at another organization. He kind of looked at me like I wasn’t grateful and made a comment or two about how it would come with time and it was pretty good compared to most. But, it doesn’t appear that doing more time will get me anywhere. When I first started the job, it was even stated that I was a “Director.” Well, that sounds great, especially if you are walking into an organization near the top tier of leadership. However, as the year has gotten busier, more projects and responsibilities have come along, and I’ve accomplished more…. suddenly I’m not the “Director.” I’m the person that helps out my boss with all the projects. I’m a “coordinator.”
Isn’t it amazing that if my boss had left the organization and I came in, it would have been a no brainer. I would have been in charge. But, because he was still there and moved up into a different role… suddenly he is still in charge of it and I’m “helping him out ” Well, I am helping him out in a big way. He doesn’t even know what is going on because I try to keep the “junk and issues” away from him so that I don’t bother him with the details of my job. There are times were this has become quite humiliating for me. I’ve had to sit through presentations where projects, ideas, and accomplishments of mine are directly attributed to my boss with me sitting in the room. Am I the only person that sees something wrong with this picture? It is quite amazing to me.

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