Politics – “…just trying to protect you from the politics”

I have a really good boss in many ways. He knows I’m an independent worker and for the most part leaves me alone. I am extremely motivated when people just let me get to work, take responsibility for my actions and let me move forward without too much questioning of why I do what I do. Hopefully they realize I do what I do because I take a lot of time to think about the entire problem, solution, and implications before I open my mouth. Others open their mouths too quickly and I often stop listening to them.
Alas, that is another point altogether.
Anyway, sometimes I get the comment that I’m being “protected from some of the politics.” Now, in many ways that is great. It ensures that I can do what I drove the 25 miles to work to do – WORK and produce products! But, in other ways I know it hurts me.

I don’t need this kind of protection. I need just plain old good support for what I’m trying to do. If I’m doing a good job, don’t get in the way. If I’m not, tell me and… tell me how I can do better followed by a good example of how it works. Mental Note: Life is about challenges and overcoming. Don’t protect them too much because then they won’t know how to deal with live when they are left unexposed.

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