“You look too young to be in charge”

I am tired of this comment. I am tired of the “look” people give me when they realize that I’m the person that they will have to get approval from on certain projects. I am, after all, 1/2 way through my 30s and people still think I’m 24 years old! It must be because I’m so tall they can’t see all the gray hairs on my head! The interesting thing is that I actually feel like I’m 42!

It is very interesting working in an environment of baby boomers while I’m a pretty solid generation X. Also, they’ve spent quite a few years as part of a system that is quite different than the corporations and internet companies that I’ve worked for in the past. Many of them are from the military which makes it even worse. But, as a result, I am able to rally the younger troops in the office to help me with projects that must get done. Little do the others know that just below them is a group of people that are not only getting the work done, but are creating more bullets for their resumes. I think I will have more respect for the next generation Y workers I encounter. They will need to be motivated by responsibility, flexibility, and awards for tasks well done.

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