Book – Good to Great

I read a book a few months ago that I think I need to read again. I’m starting to take on some of the bad habits of my surroundings at work – back biting, desperately holding on to my authority, getting disgruntled at dumb things, etc. It’s the book called “Good to Great.” I don’t remember too much from the book, but it did talk about how it studied companies that were just that much better than the really good companies. There are two concepts that stand out clearly in my mind. First, people are not your greatest asset. The RIGHT people are your greatest asset. Second, great companies often have CEOs, and other leadership, that are not who you would expect to be the leader. They can often be quiet and unassuming, but have all the right people doing the right things and operate to further the organizations goals and missions more than their own. Apparently, some leaders who become well known and get on the speaking and writing circuit actually bring their organizations down because the self-promotion detracts from the company goals. It makes a lot of sense.

I’m struggling to find the right people. I do latch on to whom I feel is right regardless if they follow the normal flow of processes. But, it would be nice to have the right people in the normal flow of processes. Often these are the people that fade into the woodwork and don’t get noticed. I intend to notice them more because in some ways I am one of them.

Unfortunately, we are in an environment were you feel like you have to fight your way to hold ownership of what you are responsible for and that just makes everyone feel like they are in a competition with one another. It’s too bad. Really, can’t there be room enough for everyone to succeed without stepping on everyone’s toes? I just need to read about truly great people, truly great organizations and truly great relationships and try to keep those principles in mind. I think that I haven’t been true to myself.

Mental Note: Do make it a point to surround myself with people, or information about people, that are successful and well rounded examples of what I want to become.

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