Yes Man and Killer Jobs

We say “yes” to every agency that comes to us and wants a product developed. I have over 50 projects in various stages of development. It is incredible. No one else has ever done this before and suddenly the new guy, ME, has to come in and learn it and then execute the plan. It’s pure craziness in my mind. But, I’m told myself that I will do this until next spring. I want to earn and award for hard work this year and get a bonus and a step increase. That will put me at $100,000 and I will have reached my goal. After that, I need to go to a corporation and get a job. I don’t seem to fit the government mentality. Granted, I work with all GS 13,14,15, SES type people who are very experienced and do a good job keeping busy. But, they do not seem to plan well. I do enjoy the people that I work with and am very lucky to have a good boss. But, I don’t want a job that is going to kill me!

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