Changes – since the last time I wrote

Well, some things have changed since I first wrote my blog. First off…some of the issues from before are no longer issues.

For example, I fight most of my own political battles now. Sometimes they try to protect me from the politics and other times I protect them. Ha. I guess people learn that sitting quietly doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself.

Secondly, no one acts like I’m too young anymore. Could it be the new gray hairs? the extra pounds? the attitude? Part of it is the impact of being in the same job over two years and part of it could be that acting in charge actually makes people realize that you are and will get things done regardless of what they think of your age.

Thirdly, I didn’t get an award this year…again. I haven’t yet received an award in the award’s ceremony. However, I have received a raise and a bonus every year. Yep, that means that I am being taken care of in ways more important to me – money and freedom.

Yes, there are other challenges on the job that I still need to write about. But, it is nice to look back and see that I’ve worked through some things, my employers have gained trust and respect for me and live does move on beyond the stressful moments.

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