Work and self-esteem

I’m fairly frustrated at work right now. It is starting to impact my self-esteem. My boss has started taking things away from me. Responsibility that is. I’m no longer in meetings that I used to be in and so now there is a big disconnect between top management and me. I’m sure I’m dropping the ball on things that I don’t even know about.

Part of me wonders if it is because I brought up the fact that I felt my position was underpaid. So, now it’s this weird combination of taking away my responsibilty while piling on more responsibility in random other areas that don’t add much value in my mind, but take up valuable time.

In short, I do not like what I’ve become and in talking to a few other people…it’s not just me. It’s everyone. The leaders definitely impact those that must follow and implement. I’ve written a lot more about this in my journal and so I should probably decide at some point whether I’m going to keep this information online or place it in the journal. Hmmm. I’ll figure this out later.

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