Work has been OK, except for all the spiders invading the hallways. It is completely gross and since I’m the tallest person the webs seem to be right above my head. So, along with all that grossness, I got into my car on Friday morning and there was a little spider web on the steering wheel. It was gross and scary. I pulled over and tried to find something, but could find nothing. So, I went to work. I decided to do errands on Friday morning and opened the car door to find another little web by the door. And, then I opened the back door and saw a full fledge Charlotte’s web in the back seat! It was shocking. I looked inside trying to find something and picked up a plastic pad that I keep behind my back when I drive and saw a brownish orangish ball. It looked kind of like something that came off a tree or something. I poked at it and it was a large spider wrapped up in a ball. It still creeps me out. I got the Raid and fired it at it and it jumped up and went under the seat. Joy. I went inside and got this jar of bug bomb that you leave in an enclosed space for a few hours and it’s supposed to kill everything. Well, I did that twice on Saturday just to make sure. We’ll see what happens. You have to understand that twice in the last two months I have completely cleaned the interior of my car with leather cleaner. I try to clean it out frequently and so it’s not like it’s this gross thing. Today I went out and tried to vacuum it just to see if something would come up, but so far nothing. It is completely gross to me that I can’t find it. People probably think I’m crazy, but it’s coming on the heels of dealing with it at work. After all, how many people have to walk in hallways that have spiders hanging down from the fluorescent lights? Hello. This is work for heavens sake. And, I don’t work in a barn or a warehouse. So, basically I’ve had a full week of worrying, dreaming, and getting grossed out by spiders. Yes, I am 6 feet tall and weigh over 200 pounds. Yes, they are probably about 1/1,000,000 of my size. But, let’s face it. I am more scared of little things than big things.

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