Trapper vs. Hunter

Trapper vs. Hunter

So, I was talking to a co-worker the other day about how I completely don’t understand the logic behind sending out requests for proposals. It’s especially difficult when the RFPs go out specifying that the business goes to a small company, woman owned, veteran owned or minority owned organization. That is so odd to me. Shouldn’t we get the business based upon who has the skills that we need and not based upon something that we were born with (race, gender) or a battle we fought elsewhere (veteran) that may/may not have anything to do with our core business?

Alas, very strange. What usually happens is that we end up having to choose one of the limited options that responds to the proposal which typically ends up being an organization that tries to make themselves look like what we do is their core business when it is obviously not. We go through months and months of getting them up to speed. This takes so much government time and money it’s incredible.

Well, my co-worker compared this to the hunter vs. trapper relationship. Basically, hunters go hunt out what they want and trappers are stuck with whatever falls into the trap.

It makes me want to go back to a corporation. When I was last at a real corporation, I searched the Internet and found who I thought was a quality vendor and contacted them. I was able to determine who I thought was quality and go after it.

I guess this is yet another inefficiency of the government. I can’t believe I’m still with it, but there is something deep inside me that tells me to “sit still” for a little bit. Not sure what opportunity will come up, but I am actively sending out documents if I feel an opportunity fits what I’m looking for.

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