Mid 30s

Every time I pick up the entrepreneur magazines or business magazines I feel inspired and down at the same time.

There are so many great ideas out there and I’d love to be the person to implement them. Somehow I’m still working for the government though and some of the best ideas shouldn’t be wasted on this end of the equation.

It seems that all of the really successful people get into their niche around 35 years old. All kinds of companies are started by people around that age. I shouldn’t be amazed by this because I feel like I’m at a point where everything that I’ve learned is coming together and I really could make a go of it somewhere. It’s just that others had the confidence to go off and really follow the dream while some of us are so worried about having stability.

It’s odd that I want stability right now. I’ve never had a fear of instability before because I always found something that was better than the prior opportunity within a reasonable time period. Now is the time for me to figure out how to mental prepare to get that mental state back.

I’m giving myself two months to do so considering all the other goals I have right now – marriage, moving, etc.

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