Avoidance – Hiding in my own office and other methods

Yes, I have some issues this week.

I’m feeling that office hostage feeling that one feels when people keep coming to set up meetings, ask questions or generally take up time that I don’t have and yet…I am in a known location and can’t hide or escape easily. In fact, my escape route out of the building is now ruined because some people I want to avoid are now seated in that hallway. What are the odds?

So, I have a set of methods and a secret.

First, the secret because it’s shorter. I have a place I can go to hide. Shhh! It’s the library hidden in the basement of another building that has Internet access. I can answer emails and no one can come running to my office when they receive my responses.

Secondly, I have spent time training the rats on when to come, and not to come, to the dipper …so to speak.

Here are the methods:

  • Door Open – Welcome! Come into my office and we’ll talk!
  • Door half open – I’m busy, but if it’s important you should knock and come in.
  • Door open one inch – Perhaps the door opened by mistake when I meant it to be shut. If you knock, it had better be fairly important.
  • Door closed with red stop sign reading “Do not disturb – e-learning in progress” – Don’t disturb unless there is an emergency. I’m clearly doing something or am on a conference call, but don’t have a conference call sign, but the walls are thin and you can hear that I’m busy.
  • Door closed (and locked) – why are you knocking? I’m not there or will pretend I’m not there. No, don’t yell through the door to ask if I’m there. No, don’t wiggle the door knob (were you planning on breaking in?). No, don’t come in even if the door was mistakenly not locked (I never make this mistake) because I could be changing clothing (probably not), having a private conversation, eating, crying, praying, exercising or whatever.

Here’s the best. Sometimes I’ve had the door closed with the red stop sign up and am conducting a conference call or having a private conversation. I’ve actually had people knock and say they want to come in because they have something to add to the conversation.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? First, it’s rude. Second, never share that you’ve been eavesdropping in a situation like that.

Need I say more.

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