Surprise Meetings

In addition to having the regular practice of triangulation in our office, we also have people that lack emotional intelligence that intrude on my time with suprise meetings. Now understand, the main purpose of our training courses is to teach a workforce about program management, logistics, systems engineering and other stuff. Surprise meetings does not fit into typical program management.

At one point there were so many surprise meetings that I actually taped a piece of paper to my desk so that I could place a mark and/or hour designation every time this occured. In one pay period it amounted to over 65% of my time! What on earth is that! Luckily, those times have passed. I got to a point where I would tell people that we had to at least plan one day in advance.

Today my boss frantically started running door to door to tell everyone we had a quick meeting in the conference room. I felt like we were on the set of The Office. He knocked on my door and tried to open it. You have got to be kidding! Yes, this happens all the time in our environment. People try the lock. That should probably be a separate entry.

Anyway, we find out it’s all about a re-org that will happen next month and it’s just in our department. I thought that the president was being impeached! Wow. Plus, a guy was put in charge that we all thought would be and so what’s the big deal?

It was a fairly entertaining surprise meeting and luckily it lasted all of 10 minutes and instigated no action items for anyone. So, this one was OK.

However, it mustn’t continue in this manner.

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