I love wikis! I just set up one yesterday and spent three hours downloading information from my brain on to it. I’ve set it up to describe the product development process so that others can access the information and don’t keep coming to me for explanations. Hopefully it helps. Either way, it’s great to be able to link to various pieces of information and easily modify something that is out on the web. I’m finding that it is even better than blogging because it seems to have simplified technologies to create multiple pages and stuff where the blog space seems to be the scrolling thing. I have seen a few more functions on wordpress and so that is where I’m going to set up my wedding webpage. Hint, Hint. (-:

Anyway, I will have to write a little more in the future on these wikis and how they are working in the workplace. I see them as being a great asset now and in the future.

Off to work now ….really this time I am going.

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