Good days at work

Today was a good day at work. I got in around 7:30 a.m. and started going through emails and tackling some of the outlying issues that I haven’t resolved.

Then, at 9:00 a.m. I was invited to a knowledge management meeting. Very cool. My expressed interest in knowledge management has been heard by the knowledge management team and they are inviting me to participate in some of their activities. I got a lot of ideas in that meeting that helped me design the rest of the wiki I’m working on for module development as well as ideas on how to integrate better with their team.

During the meeting I also realized that I needed to show more appreciation to the team that supports me every day and so I promptly invited them to lunch with me at Bozzeli’s sub shop. It’s fun to walk to the shop and talk while eating a very good BLT. Today there was no “T” in the BLT because tomatoes have a salmonella recall as a result of a lot of tornadoes lately? I’ll leave that up to the reader to figure out.

Digression occurs so easily in free flowing wordage, aye?

I came back in the afternoon and showed a co-worker more of my wiki and so he’s going to work on it with me.

All in all…a good day.

Oh, and I also asked my boss why he is going to have to try so hard to prove that I could add value in another position? Wow! That kind of comment hurts, but when I directly ask what is meant by that I get a more straightforward answer.

The good thing about my work is that so much absurdities go on that I can’t hold it in no matter how introverted I am and I must share the truth of the matter …or at least my feelings of truth.

And so, it’s another day and another dollar, but it’s nice when the sun shines on some of those days.

P.S. I also had to work in the library for an hour or so for 1.) cool air and 2.) no people involvement. It always revives me…as do short walks. I guess it’s that extreme INTJ personality type at it’s finest.

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