Learning Emergencies

“I am currently out of the office. If you have a “learning emergency” you may contact XXXXX at XXX-XXXX or email him at xxxx.xxxx@xxx.xxx to assist you.”

OK, I can’t believe that I haven’t shared this with myself on my blog to establish a permanent record of my coined phrase for the reactive e-learning product development environment.

It all started one day when a woman had an out of office reply that included her work phone, home phone, cell phone, friend’s cell phone and husband in a different state phone number to contact her. This doesn’t include all the email addresses. I take it she really didn’t want to be out.

Now, it is important to note that we do not work in the emergency room! We work in creating e-learning products that it take months to develop.

Ha! What else can one say?

It is either a riot in a funny way or one of those realizations that you work in an absurd environment. Perhaps a little of both?

I cannot resist putting this phrase in my automatic out of office reply EVERY SINGLE time I’m out because it provides me much humor to myself and once in a while catches the eye of one of the recipients. Surprisingly few people get the joke.

Oh, wait, ha, that reminds me of another one …..people don’t even laugh when I tell them it’s funny that we have 5-6 online modules about six sigma, lean six sigma, etc. The content of those modules is all about simplifying, removing excess, etc. Oh, we never practice what we preach.

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