Under the Bus

I was just in a meeting where one of my co-workers was trying to form a group to find out the technology capability and needs of the workforce. He had brought some partners on to the phone call.

The director of our group not only interrupted him the entire time, but also threw him “under the bus” a few times. Really?

We couldn’t even show a united front when we are meeting together with contractors that are trying to support us?

This doesn’t abode well for me. The prior week the director commented on how much he appreciated the move forward attitude and the jumping into projects that another co-worker is currently doing with a new initiative. The only problem is that this particular co-worker isn’t jumping into projects smartly, making promises to contractors that we don’t even know and hasn’t given us a single clear requirement yet for any project.

The handwriting is slowly showing on the wall. This other co-worker also has a potty mouth, doesn’t have to coordinate many people to do anything and dresses in a most provocative manner.

Ah well! Some people have all the fun…

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