Motivational Emails

Every year an email goes out to leadership asking if they want to nominate anyone on their team for an award for hard work, achievement and you know the rest.

Somehow I sometimes randomly get copied on these emails even though all the people I work with are contractors and not actual employees of our organization.

Anyway, moving on to the motivational email.

Here’s the response my boss sent, copying me, in response to leadership:

Subject: Re: XXX Corporate Awards Guidance

Other than the xxx training which i am sure “XXX” and I will submit
and hopefully include XXX team, i dont have any nominations for
this year.

Just for enlightenment purposes – I’m not any of the “xxx” people mentioned. There are only four of us that he could give an award to and one is getting an award for a project that I paved the way on last year.

Either way, even if I hadn’t been involved, why would a boss include one of their hard working employees on this email? I’ve not gotten an award in the entire 3.5 years I’ve worked in this particular organization. Very strange for me considering what has made it to the awards table in the past.

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