Good lunch and conversation

I had a good lunch and conversation with a co-worker that I don’t eat out with too much. I don’t like going out to lunch while I’m at work. It 1.) uses extra gas if I have to drive 2.) means I have to work another hour later in the day 3.) costs more than the cafeteria or what I bring from home and 4.) makes me get completely unfocused.

The last item is probably the most important. Once I get out of the office on an excursion, besides walking, I want to be gone for the day.

Anyway, the point is that once in a while it’s a good thing. For some it’s a daily need. But, for me twice a month will do.

The walks, however, are very productive. That is where I get my ideas, design system usage, focus on the high priority items and generally think through stressful situations. I actually prefer to have walking meetings too.

Anyhow, thought it worth noting something positive.

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