Initiative Overload

At this point in my job, I am not overworked. I was in the past, but I’ve simplified quite a few things through my trial by fire and did have a well oiled machine.

“Did” is past tense. Yes, it was intended to be so. We were almost at the point where we were running a well oiled machine and then we had some changes. The initiatives started rolling in and they started rolling in from multiple directions.

So, now we spend 1/2 of our time discussing initiatives instead of actually doing the work.


I have no time for stuff like this!

I am rebelling now and taking back some of my time and it feels great. We are actually taking time to make some tutorials, create a wiki and other resources to get everything out of our heads and onto paper so that everyone can have all the information they want about us without actually talking to us!

Now, hopefully I can finish this task over the July 4th weekend so that I will be able to deal with whatever new initiatives haven’t hit me yet.

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