Green Belt Training – completed

I got my certificate!

After a little paranoia and a little bit of studying very early on Friday morning, I was able to go through the test and pass with only 2 incorrect answers. Ok, ok, it was out of like 25 or 30 questions and so it’s not that great, but at least it is over.

The week was stressful, but in the end I’ve learned a few principles that I can actually apply on the job. The interesting thing is that I’m all about process improvement naturally. I’ve always been. Now I just know about more charts, methods, statistical, data filled options that I can select from to do so!

All half joking aside, it should be interesting to see how they apply the process improvement and six sigma principles to the new knowledge worker era. It’s not like we are manufacturing reproducible parts here, but rather dealing with user created content. I don’t have all the answers on this, but I do know that there will have to be some slightly different processes and methods to accommodate all of this new knowledge creation…even though we really may not need to apply these principles to this particular type of setting. Anyway, our organization will pollute whatever good solution is proposed.

I’m glad it’s all over as far as training. We had some smart people in there that seemed to keep having to demonstrate how smart they were. It gets a little old after a while and I’m not sure whether or not it adds to the experience.

Moving on to my regular job now and …continually trying to improve it regardless of required trainings.

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