Pionners, settlers and can’t remember the other option

So, I forgot to share something about our green belt training. One of the instructors said that people are averse to change. But, when they have to change, there are three types:

  • Pioneers – they go out ahead of everyone, aren’t afraid of change…and embrace it. Kind of like the “early adopters” of technology.
  • Settlers – they come in after the pioneers pave the way, make changes after they see that it has worked for someone else.
  • Other group – dragged into the settlement, don’t like change and may not like adopting it even if they see it works.

I went up to the instructor afterwards and said that I felt there was another group: the rogue pioneer. They like to change, and have already done so before anyone tells them they have to…

This had to be addressed because he was acting like all of us were averse to change and had to be told to change processes and improve efficiencies. I beg to differ. I love making changes to processes and continually improving and streamlining things.

It sounds like people need to use some of their questioning skills first before they assume their audiences are averse to things.

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