Triple A – I’m not talking insurance

This is one of those posts that is completely out of order because I actually created this phrase a few years ago when I was a contractor. There was this subject matter expert I was working with on a courseware development project and he was a type A personality …to the max!

This is how his typical request for information would go:

1 – Email – Send an email requesting the information.
2 – Talk – Called with the exact same message that was in the email.
3 – Walk – Walked over to my building into my office with the same message that was in the email and voicemail.

What on earth! However, at least he was predictable, aye? It got so I would get the email and then I would go and work in the library for the next half hour or hide in a local conference room with my laptop.

At first this behavior disgusted me, but then I would try to answer some answers fast to keep him out of my hair OR make him feel guilty for trying to communicate with me in so many different ways.

Over the years, he has gained a healthy respect for my communication style and I have learned to appreciate the fact that he actually cares for his work. We’ve both moved up into completely different roles and will continue to do so.

However, I think I can only deal with a couple of these types of people at a time.

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