Taxonomy of Skills?

So, at work we are supposed to fill out a "taxonomy" of our skill set for the new guy in charge. Hmmm? Haven't been asked to do this in this way before.
It is amazing how often these types of activities occur in work environments, especially those that don't seem to have clear recruiting guidelines, new hire training, or career growth tracks.
So, alas, here we are filling out yet another form that is completely random.
The first request was to fill out the taxonomy based upon what you could speak about in conferences. That would be "nothing" from me. I have no desire to talk about work, I'd like to just work. Is that so much to ask?
I sent my "nothing to share" response and was told that I had to fulfill the requirement.
Ok, so the requirement changed to something else? Typical. I'm not sure why I'm surprised.
I am filling out the sheet now.
However, couldn't I just send you my resume? Or, do you not know how to read those?
I am seriously close to saying "good riddance" to this place. Oh, wait, I'm taking off four days starting tomorrow…
Perhaps I should just be quiet and get to work. My freedom is close at hand.
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