Workplace Spiders

Thought I'd share an email that I sent to a friend today…
Hello XXXX,
Well, let's just say I have already participated in a rampage this morning.


Me, lemon scented Raid, a hallway, and now …..many dead spiders. That's right. I'm a killer. But, I just kill spiders inside that are hanging from the ceiling. Hello, they are near my head. Gross.


Anyway, I went around spraying specific spiders. There are probably 20 dead ones on the hallway floor now. I tried to spray each a lot so that they could go quickly.


I realize I'm a bad person for this, but how is one supposed to work if they feel those itchy things all over the place.




Now, I'm sitting at my table instead of my desk because I can see what is going on under the table better than the desk. I have the Raid can nearby in case an unsuspecting spider comes my way.


I am getting through a lot of emails despite the interference from these critters. Hopefully I can catch up by the end of the day and be able to work on my "leaving" packet tomorrow before I have Friday off.


And, how are you today?


Can we just have a work environment meant for knowledge workers? Is that too much to ask? Last I knew, we do not work in a barn.
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