Dangling carrots

I'm exhausted today, but I can't figure out if it is the staying up late or the results of dealing with constant let downs in the work environment.
Today it was made fairly clear that some people that thought they would be able to telecommute from a satellite office, or from home, during an upcoming office move…will not be able to do so.
Just great. This is one item that was actually keeping some people from looking for other jobs. It's as if they had a carrot dangled in front of them just to keep them here for a certain amount of time. Those of us employed by my organization didn't have the option. However, those that contracted to us are those effected by this change in plans. Part of the excuse was "if we can't do it then they shouldn't be able to either." Wait, what? Are we children begging our mom to have the same privileges as the other neighborhood kid? Oh, and the youngest person is 26 and the rest of the people involved are over 35 years old! Adults in the middle of their careers!
Sometimes we treat contractors as second class citizens. No reason really. You would think we would treat contractors better because they actually get to do the real work.
I am done. It is time to move on. This would be like staying in an abusive relationship. Over time you get so beaten down, you don't know where to begin looking. But, it sure helps to be reading positive books on the side to help bring perspective back.
It looks like a huge turnover wave is about to occur. I plan on being on the first part of it because I've been behind so many times and I just don't feel like training the whole next crew that comes through.
And, I'm starting to get repulsed by carrots.
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