Even if I have a stable job that gives me some enjoyment and pays the bills, I always entertain interviews that look like they might be a good growth opportunity.
I had one such phone interview yesterday. The job would have required management of a learning management system. It would be working from home and leading implementation teams. It would be a $20,000 raise (well, maybe not since it would be contract work versus having full benefits and no 401K).
However, it would be focused on one system and that is the one system that has been the thorn in our organizations side for the past three years!
And so, in my maturity, I am able to look at situations like these and realize that it really isn't an opportunity. It doesn't fit my goals, it would be merely for money and not for passion or a belief in the product. My enthusiasm would die after the first day because I would remember all headaches associated with implementing that product.
And that brings up another point – should I even have that system on my resume? Maybe not. I've deleted other bullets for things that I don't want people to call me about. So, perhaps it is time to remove it because I want no association with that company or that product.
It's a good thing I'm not vindictive because the name would then be plastered everywhere. But, I will say, that I do tell people that need to know…that they shouldn't purchase that system.
I've also emailed the recruiter this morning to explain to her that this is not the right opportunity for me and why.
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