The one of the 99?

So, at church we are often taught to leave the 99 and help the one. At work, I sometimes beg to differ. We have thousands of students calling into our help desk about different systems that have issues. If there are quite a few calling about the same issue, we know we have a problem. However, if it is one person that calls about an issue and no other person calls about that issue – it’s an outlier. These are those cases where I don’t think that you leave the 99 and help the one. You help the one issue that helps 99 people and the calls go down. Then with the one – you determine if they are just complaining, if there is a real issue, or if there is an issue, is it priority to fix in a short period of time? Anyway, this is my world on a daily basis. Someone will think they are so important that we must stop everything and help them with their random request. This creates a snowball effect since other tasks and deliverables don’t get completed because we are pulled off the real work to deal with random stuff.
We do this same type of special treatment if the complainer is a general or a colonel.
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