Fishbowl Working

So, seven of us are in the basement of a building while our building goes through a renovation. We will be in this basement for 3-6 months. It should be an interesting experience. Most of us were a little skeptical of this experience, but I think it will be good. It is starting to feel like I’m at home. Rarely are we all in the room working at once. We all have meetings, different lunches or exercise schedules. Some people talk more than others. Some people are quieter than others. I can have my iPOD on and listen to music while I work or I can join into a conversation or two. Sometimes I don’t even know who is or isn’t in the room. It reminds me of being at home – some people are in the kitchen talking, others playing a game in the dining room, still others in the living room reading a book or playing on the computer. There are a lot of activities going on at once, but no one feels pressure to be involved in any particular activity. I’m in the furthest corner from the door and I like that. I try to situation the computer so it’s blocking some of the view of people, but obviously that doesn’t work. This will be a good way to get team building in place. Oh, and without an office door…. no one can hold me hostage in my own office. They just have to stand by my desk.

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