Work is fine

Work is fine. It really is…at least for now. I actually got down to 14 emails in the inbox the other day. Shock and awe occurred at that point. It lasted for a few minutes and then it was over.

I have figured out something. I am getting really fast at answering emails, but really slow to get on to the big projects I care about. It’s just the opposite from when I had my own office. I could shut the door and design and develop something, but then get delayed on emails.

So, the minute by minute responsiveness and the truly value added has gone down in the new seating arrangement.

I guess the question is – what does my organization value more? I think the minute by minute.

I’m taking more walks right now since I’m getting so productive. I’m trying to move health up on my things of importance list. Plus, it helps to have a special event coming up. (-;

Let’s hope next week continues well. Gee, if it doesn’t that is pretty bad because I will only be in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have a holiday and my parents are coming into town for a few days.

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