Self Talk

Work is “ok” right now. The people in my huge room are nice and interesting. There aren’t a lot of meetings, at least not a lot that include me. So, I’m off the hook for at least another day. I’m getting a lot of tasks done.

But, I’m bored. Rarely am I a bored person. My “to do” list is a mile long and I’m always anxious to get started on the next project, but I’m just plain tired of my work. I’ve been doing it for over three years. I’m now reviling my paper route in length and that was in a different part of life completely.

Each day I actually have to talk to myself and say – “R, do the next item on your to do list, focus, focus, focus, etc.” I go and finish the items and then take out my yellow flourescent pen and make the mark through the item so that I can feel accomplished and final. Once most of them are filled in, I typically leave those that I don’t have the energy for or and go back to email. Nothing excites me. The most exciting part of my day is actually the walks that I now take around Ft. Belvoir. I think I’m actually going to change clothes around 2:30 p.m. and start taking meaningful fast walks around the fort so I can at least get some exercise and sun in during these last summer days before the deep fall sets into town.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to start signing up a room or two to go work on some of the more creative projects that I have in my mind – like creating tutorials, wikis, etc. for the e-learning products I develop. After all, I should be a living example of these, aye?

Well, I’m at home now and so time to do the projects that excite me a little more, but I’m so tired out. “R, get up off the couch and take a walk, focus, focus, focus.”

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