Kudos to me – customer service

Today someone called and I decided to answer the phone. I usually don't answer my work phone. I typically don't even answer my personal phone either. I know, that's bad, but I literately have a little tiny panic attack when the phone rings.


I picked up the phone and I actually helped answer some questions that this subject matter expert had about what we do, what she should with some learning products she is now responsible for and even questions about how to use the "Prnt Scrn" button on every person's laptop.

She said that I had been the most helpful person she had met so far in her job here. I told her that I wasn't always nice or helpful just in case the word actually went forward and people looked at her funny. She even hinted that she wanted to know the name of my boss. I skirted around it. After all, this wasn't about doing something so I can look good to my boss. I've never been that way and sometimes I wish that I was more of that type of person.

But, kudos to me! I've been sincerely trying, and praying, that I can return to the kind co-worker mentality that I used to have before I started working here. I can blame it on this place, but it's me that decided to fall into the trap instead of taking the high road.

That is about to change and I think the call today proved it. Yes, my friends, the beauty of life is that people can change and can improve upon the past.

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