Demotivating Emails – and dancing bear PPTs


A little advice….If you are giving a presentation or workshop, make it a great one!  You have a golden opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and abilities to our teammates and make an impression with the XXX senior leadership team (that sit on our performance boards). Its is also a great time to gain support from the faculty for the year ahead.  Please do not wait for the last minute to prepare.  X and I will help you during your pre-briefs with us. 

Please remember, if you are not presenting, and when you are not presenting, you should be attending.  This is the first time in 7 years we are bringing all XXX together from all the regions!  This is a great opportunity to meet all of XXX and learn what others are doing.

I know you will make the rest of us proud to be your teammates. 

Thanks for listening,

My comments – I was, of course, planning to not put my best foot forward and was going to make the worst possible slides ever. Now that I know my entire year of performing will be judged by this presentation, I am going to put everything else aside in my life and ensure that this presentation has every possible bell, whistle and dancing bear possible to enhance my ability to get a reasonable raise.

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