Fiscal Year – lack o planning

It's halfway through the day of the end of the fiscal year and I've received about 5-6 phone calls and 5-6 emails today from people asking for last minute reports on the fiscal year numbers for my area.

Ok, part of our numbers include enrollment completions of online courses. Um, they have until midnight to finish and….they span across all the time zones of the world. This means that whatever number I give you will be wrong because there are hundreds of people still trying to finish up training requirements.

It kills me too because each email or calls says – "Well, I realize this is an emergency request" or "We need these numbers today for charts."

A couple of things:

1 – Like I said previously, the numbers I give you today are no good.
2 – Why is your lack of planning my emergency?
3 – When October 1st came around last year, you knew there were about 365 or 364 days before the end of the next fiscal year and you waited until know to ask me?

Now, I realize that junk rolls downhill and sometimes we have to react to our bosses poor planning. However, some people should react back to their boss instead of having me deal with these issues.

I feel a little better now for getting this off my chest.

Back to work,

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