Perspectively Gross

Perspectively is probably not a word, but for purposes of this post… I will use it.
We’ve moved into a temporary office space at work. Different desks, different keyboards, different printers, different carpet. There is dust, some dead spiders, slightly unclean drawers in my desk. I’m sure if this had been my old office, it would be less gross. But, it is not my office.
Isn’t it funny how other dirt is grosser than dirt we own?
Sometimes I look at my bathroom from the perspective of an outsider. All of a sudden the splashes on the mirror seem so gross even though it’s just water spots. Any towel that looks like it is used seems grosser if it’s not at my house. Refrigerators are disgusting to me if it’s not my leftovers. Messes are so much worse if it’s not my books, magazines, or other project sitting on the living room floor.
Anyway, it can all be perspectively gross from that perspective. Perhaps I should look at my home and personal spaces from another perspective more often. I might actually improve something. It might also trickle into improving my hair style, clothing selections, etc.

Aaaah… insights into perspective can be so motivating and … still a little gross.

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