Paradise Lost – or was it ever there?

M [10:19 AM]:
R [10:20 AM]:
    i know. if you knew how really small this issue really is….it would shock you….or maybe not.
M [10:20 AM]:
  Nothing like tasking you as if you were a 6-YEAR OLD…
  In a roomful of people, no less.
R [10:21 AM]:
  Yes, this is why I'm starting to wear piggy tails, wear tennis shoes and carry my backpack more.

This is the instant message stream I just had with an employee. The context is that my boss came in to my office (ok, my desk is in a room with seven people now and so he just came into my personal space) and gave me a task like I was a little kid. It was so basic and it's just because he is all spun up because of some politics going on here.

I was just thinking it was stupid until my co-worker instant messaged me and re-reminded me that I am in a place that I have never been in my adult life. I've been trusted with a lot of responsibility since I was a little girl. People have always entrusted me with the job, their children, their dogs, their homes, their money, their ideas and their thoughts/pains. But, in my job I am inherently not trusted and have to be micro-managed. Now, I'm not alone. It's just the nature of the person that is currently in charge. But, it is a huge downer for me.

The economy is bad. If it were not, I would not be here. However, I'm still planning on being creative in the process and hoping to keep progressing forward.

As an aside to this, it is amazing how your mentality changes when you have been alerted to the fact that you have been wronged. There is a sudden cognitive dissonance that occurs that can hurt, but will progress into enlightenment, hope, faith and ….pursuit of over opportunities.

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