Well, the work conference is complete. I made it through. I had to skip a few sessions just to give myself a rest, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

I didn’t come through with an award. I didn’t have any truly insightful moments.

But, I did get to have a few good conversations. I did get to build on some old relationships. And, the leadership that attended the session I spoke in the last few days commented publicly that I am a natural speaker and a natural teacher. Very cool. They said they needed to have me speak more often.

Yeh, I needed a good compliment, OK? I am glad that things went well. I remained calm, but was firm and stuck to the information and ideas presented on the slides.

Also, I got a new web camera given to me and so I’m excited to use it to make some little tutorials and things that we can use to inform people of our roles, responsibilities, and processes.

Tiring, but good days.

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