Award submission – just not to be

Well, our conference has come and gone and I did not receive an award. I did, however, spoke in two sessions and apparently did a good job.

Also, I found out that the awards were just paper certificates. No money is associated with the awards.

The good thing is that my boss actually submitted me for a personal award. He announced this at our team meeting the other day. That was thrill enough for me to know that I was submitted for something.

Sometimes it is the thought that counts. Just knowing I was at least submitted makes me happy. He wasn't so happy because he thought I would for sure be selected. But, there are other people in line I guess.

This girl feels good regardless.

So, kudos for me for finally being considered for one. The real test comes at pay time. I really would rather have the raises than a piece of paper, but sometimes those pieces of paper impress others that give you your raises.

Ah, alas, sometimes we've got to just work hard and not worry about these things in life. This is, after all, the least of my worries right now.

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