Tools and Messages

We received an email the other day about our monthly newsletter. Instead of receiving the typical PDF file, it was this robust tool that allows you to zoom in and out of the document and provided a left navigation to scroll through the document “easily.”

Most of this functionality is in Adobe, but it’s not as slick as this tool and it requires an additional second or so to zoom to a larger image or to turn on the left navigation functionality.

The interesting thing is that either people hated the new tool or loved it so much that they didn’t read the articles. They spent their time playing with the tool instead.

And, thus, a new quote was born…by me:

“The tool overpowered the message.”

This has been said before I’m sure, but it was interesting to see it in action amongst a small group of people at a particular moment in time.

You would think that in 2008 we would get over some of our fascination with tools, but alas and much a lack, we still like things that are bright, shiny, and seem to make us feel smarter even though it is dummying us down as a population.

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