Toxic personalities

I think I'm dealing with a few toxic personalities at work. Plus, I think it is turning me into that as well. I have to constantly try to not be sarcastic, critical, judgemental, etc. It's part of my upbringing.
I even Googled "toxic personalities" and a lot of links came up, including how to deal with them – .
We really do become what we surround ourselves by, aye?
I am realizing that I have someone in charge of me that is not only toxic for everyone, but the personality type of personally toxic to my personality type. It is a clash and I think it is giving me low self-esteem.
It zaps my energy. I don't have the energy and excitement that I used to have, but luckily I have constant experiences helping lead me in a direction where I will get the confidence and the push to move forward in my career, my life, and all of my interactions.
I just don't think it will be today. (-:  I got up too early to vote for the president of the United States. We'll see who wins this election.
My job today is just not to be toxic to someone else.
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