1/2 hour lunch hour – employee monitoring

I am about 37.5 years old. I've been working since the 4th grade (paper route, lawn jobs, babysitting) and have always tried to do the job without being a clock watcher. I'm a finisher when it comes to work and I expect to be assessed on my performance.

Now, here I am at my ripe old age requesting that I be part of a pilot to telecommute one day every two weeks. We have to keep the same hours that we do while we are in the office and we can take a 1/2 hour lunch. I am being questioned now about how I take a 1/2 hour lunch when my carpool is from 6:30-3:30 when we have a nine hour work day. My answer, and it is truthful, is that I either 1.) take time off my electronic timesheet for whatever time taken or 2.) make up the time at home. Why is this question just coming up now? I've been carpooling for over five months.

I'm ticked. Part of me doesn't even want to telecommute during this pilot program because it's almost like we are kids being monitored. In direct opposition to what they are hoping, it is easier to come into the office, talk, walk, take long lunches and fiddle around and BE HERE not working than to be at home being Big Brothered because people perceive that we will play hooky at home.

I am very lucky to have a job during these troubled economic times. However, I will be looking for an organization that hires producing adults.

Another point, I'm emailing this note to my blog at work. Yep, it's taken five minutes of my time to vent and another five minutes complaining about it in my head. So, to put it in other terms —I'm at work wasting valuable time venting just so I can get this off my chest and work. If I was home working….I wouldn't be writing this vent.

Yet, part of me thinks that I will have plenty to vent on from home because I will be micro-managed.

I do hope some other opportunities will come my way – this is bad for my self-esteem and is completely offensive.

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