Toxic office

Last week was another toxic office week. So, when I got food poisoning this weekend and was tired, it put me over the edge. I spent the last two days in bed. Joy.

I’m realizing that it is my time to move on. Regardless of the economy, regardless of being in a stable job, and regardless of what kind of raise I get in January…it’s time to get a movin.

Once I get my energy up, I will be passing the document around. I’ve applied to a couple of opportunities already and I’m going to be introduced to someone soon that may possibly have an interest in me in their organization.

So, we shall see. Even as I lay on the floor today, I opened my email and saw multiple email trains that were about obscure items. Geesh! It doesn’t pay to take a day off because then people find the most difficult way to resolve an issue.

Here’s to me and my hope, desire, and limited efforts to move on. It is time. I’ve been there 3.5 years as an employee and 1.5 years as a contractor. Five years! Times up for me. The longest job I’ve had so far – besides the paper route – and even that is getting painfully close.

Let’s see what takes place over the next couple of weeks. Opportunities will come knocking. My time to be abused is up.

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