Communication Issues – a frank discussion

As a result of masses of email trains and fly by night leadership over the last couple of months, I called a meeting with my boss to discuss our communication habits. Luckily, it took a few days before we had the meeting and so any emotion I had was minimal and he had time to think about what could be bothering me.

It was a great meeting and it lasted about 2.5 hours!

Basically, he started by asking what can I do to communicate better and that is always a good way to start any conversation. We were able to discuss some of the issues of him getting into the weeds and creating philosophical emails trains that drew people away from their main work. We were able to develop some initial solutions that should help us move forward smartly.

He even said to tell him if he was interfering too much and that he would tell me if I was doing the same.

All and all a good conversation. It’s always nice to know that sometimes it helps to just go address things with people instead of letting things grow inside you and start to impact other relationships and the work.

I’m glad that we all have the ability to continually change and improve upon actions of the past. What a wonderful gift in this path called life! Now, I look forward to implement the changes going forward.

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