I volunteered to mentor the new production manager. She will be managing the course side of things. So, our jobs will be different, but based upon similar principles. She is very motivated and will do a great job in our organization. I just wish I had more time to teach her the ropes. However, even if I did have more time I wouldn’t know the right information to tell her because I don’t deal with the same issues that she will be dealing with on a daily basis.

I want to be a good mentor, but realize there will be limitations as to what I can provide. Hopefully those she works with will step in and assist.

Right now I actually feel like I have a mentor for me. It’s someone that my boyfriend said that we should hire as a contractor. She is about 10 years older than me and is someone I can relate to – very smart, common sense, and comes across as easy going yet underneath is driven to produce, perform and innovate. I sometimes take brief walks with her in the afternoon to discuss issues instead of sitting in the basement trying to make formal meetings. Plus, on walks you don’t have to worry about who is behind what wall or what door.

All in all, I will be mentored and take the lessons learned into my mentoring efforts.

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