Michael at the Office – Academic vs. Corporate

We had a meeting yesterday – Thursday – which was supposed to be about including gaming in our learning strategy. Of course there was no agenda and of course there were leadership honchos present.

One of the leadership honchos sounds like he should be a voice over announcer, but believe me…that is where the impressiveness ends.

We went on and on – techies trying to speak of incorporating blogs, wikis, gaming and whatever else into our university all while the “others” defended territory and made arguments against the matter.

At the end, the announcer honcho stops and acts as if he is asking a profound question – “Everyone, we need to stop and ask ourselves this question – what is the difference between an academic university and a corporation university?” Hmmm. Who knows how to answer that question since we work at something that is neither. The answer according to the great one – “At an Academic University everyone would leave the meeting and plan another and at a corporate university they would plan action items and a plan to move forward.”

Brilliant. Thanks Michael (the office honcho on the popular sitcom called The Office). What would we do without you?

These are those moments where I have to bite my tongue. Partly because something bad would come out and partly because I wouldn’t care if something bad would come out. I’m never crude, but I will state my mind.

What did I mutter under my breath?

At a corporate university we wouldn’t have this meeting.

Note: the techie types in the room were the only people that have ever worked in a corporation. All others were govies. Hmmm. So much for getting advice from govie office honchos.

Note 2: my boss said I was in charge of “honcho-ing” a project one time. Haaaa. I loved it. I love collecting phrases such as these. At least it’s better than his other one – “you are the belly button” on the project.

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