Holidays and offices

Coming into the office over the holidays is always tricky. It seems like the perfect time to get work done. However, it all depends upon the combination of people that show up. I've ventured in for one day and that's all it's going to be. All the quiet people are out for the entire week and so I'm left with options that can be summed up as "interrupters." I can't get much meaningful done because even if it is quiet I live in fear/anxiety that I will be interrupted at any given moment to participate in conversations that I really don't care about.
Like today, someone is going out on a date and others are going to watch it from another table in the same restaurant. Alas, that sounds like fun if 1.) you didn't come in the office to work 2.) you are anxious to please 3.) like playing high school/college games or 4.) I'm sure there is another reason I haven't yet thought up.
Either way, I am for sure not coming in the rest of the week. I will work extra hours today just so I don't have to make the drive again. I don't know why I feel guilty because I do have about 240 vacation hours stored up and about 250 sick hours. So, really I could not work for the next 1/4 of the year and still collect money. Of course, I won't do that, but it is good to know that I could if I had to, right? I keep it as my insurance in case something goes wrong.
Anyway, back to work and out of personal email. I've gotten my inbox down to 92 emails and perhaps I can get it down under 50 before the day is out. The rest of the week I can tackle my personal emails which are looming around 1700. Yikes!
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