In Writing…

We are going through some situations right now where we trusted a partner to work with us and they have abused the privilege. Now, this does not mean that they are the only folks at fault. We will have to pull our weight in this snafu.

However, it is one of those situations where you realize that no matter what the relationship it is best to put all communication in writing. No half writing and half verbal or half meeting or half whatever. All must be documented for “alls” sake.

This is causing me great anxiety…especially at a time when I already have anxiety with my boyfriend’s job loss, my own health issues and a generally depressed economy.

We will get through and there will be lessons learned and battle scars to prove it. However, it doesn’t mean that the middle isn’t difficult.

Just remember to keep it in writing – a promise, an oath or a commitment aren’t what they used to be.

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