The economy is really, really bad right now. Even though I have a government job, I feel motivated to strive a little harder and keep myself in a good position for continued advancement and NO downsizing. I feel like now is the perfect time to put in the extra hours, take on extra load and be a little more efficient and effective.

Perhaps this will be good for our society in the short and long run. We will return to wanting to do a good job. We will value competition and how it takes us to a higher level. This too for government employees. The government will soon be at a point where it cannot sustain mediocre people and will find a way to filter them out or filter them down or not reward them in some way.

Here's to 2009. A year where we will all have to try a little harder to do a little better and be a little kinder. Ok, well, we will at least try to get one of those three going, aye?

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