Safety first – or keeping up appearances?

Yesterday we were told specifically that "safety comes first" because there should be some strange weather over the next couple of days. We were told to play it by ear whether we should come into the office. Well, I came in and it took a while. I also heard of others taking three hours to get into the office.

As a result, I sent an email to my boss around noon saying that I thought it best that I head out to beat the traffic. I wrote this email right as another co-worker was in my office telling me she was leaving early to go pick up her kids. Hmmm.
So, I get an email right after I get home telling me he is not comfortable with this telecommuting approach. I am livid. Instead of being on the road for three hours this evening I am actually home and able to get tasks done without random cleaners coming into my office and people around the office coming to talk that have nothing else to do.
Now, I am working – except for this vent – and am counting the time as sick time. Not cool.
We now know that when the rubber meets the road, appearances are more important than safety first.
Remember that kids – appearances are more important than safety, or well-being, or heaven forbid….WORK!
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